Wild Herbal Medicine For Self Care and Wellbeing

During this 3-hour wild medicine walk, you’ll learn how to use your sense of taste to discern the properties of the wild plants we find.

This method of working with plants is known as ‘organoleptic learning’ and herbalists down through time have used this simple method to discern the medicinal properties of plants.

You’ll also be taught the common wild plants that can be used at home as part of your personal and family self-care.

The walk is led by Simon Mills, one of Britain’s leading herbal luminaries.

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  More, please!  I’ve been buzzing with renewed enthusiasm and intend to revisit all my past ‘herby’ knowledge (where did that go?) and reconnect with those lovely little healers. Thank you.” – Stella Roberts

When, Where & How Much?

  • Thursday, 23rd August 2018
  • Time: 10am-1pm
  • Location: Exeter (venue revealed after booking.)
  • Price: £50
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About Simon Mills

Simon Mills is Cambridge graduate in medical sciences who has been a herbal practitioner in Exeter since 1977.

In that time he has led the main professional and trade organisations for herbal medicine in the UK and served on Government and House of Lords committees.

He has also written the standard textbooks used by herbal practitioners around the world.

He has long been involved in academic work having co-founded the first University centre for complementary health studies in Exeter in 1987. The first integrated health course at a UK medical school at the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, and the first Masters degree programme in herbal medicine in the USA.

He has led frequent herb walks around Devon, in the Appalachian mountains of the USA and has even taken army personnel on survival training.

Simon is currently herbal strategist at Pukka Herbs, setting up new health and wellbeing educational programmes: “together we can learn to be well by harnessing the incredible power of nature.