Wild Aromatics and Spices

Explore the aromatic culinary potential of the wild British landscape with Miles Irving, author of ‘The Forager Handbook’.

In this course, you will gain hands-on experience in the Forager kitchen with unique access to our wide selection of wild native spices.

You will be immersed in the smells, tastes, and history of these incredible spices; each with its own story and its own distinct flavour.

With the guidance of internationally renowned forager Miles Irving, you will get to taste and cook with around twenty-different wild aromatics.

We will uncover the connections between wild species such as sea arrow grass and the common culinary herb coriander.

Together we will discover that our native wild spices can also be exotic culinary complements.

By referencing well-known herbs and spices we can trace back how these lesser-known spices became lost in history; when the idea of flavouring your dish with the ground seeds of native species was less attractive than the exoticism of international trade and the voyages of discovery through world cuisine.

You will discover the potential of wild aromatics and explore with them in a number of ways; including preparation of dishes, drinks, and preserves.

We will prepare a light lunch together to demonstrate the otherworldliness of wild aromatics.

Wild Aromatics and Spices Course Outline

  • Introduction to around twenty wild aromatics
  • Discussion of the historical use of native spices
  • Comparing flavour chemistry with reference to well-known herbs & spices
  • Cooking with wild spices in a variety of ways to explore culinary potential
  • An immersive aromatic journey of discovery

Miles is a true expert who shares with deep insight the uses of wild ingredients in the old world and on the modern table. His passion and knowledge are as boundless as the landscape and edible opportunities that surround him. He is quite literally outstanding in his field. – Valentine Warner, chef, writer and occasional broadcaster.

When & Where Are Wild Aromatics and Spices Courses?

Saturday, 25th January 2020

  • Time: 11am-4pm
  • Location: Chartham, Kent (location revealed after the booking)
  • Group size: 10 places only
  • Lunch: Included
  • Cost: £120

About Your Wild Aromatics and Spices Course Instructor

Kent Foraging Courses with Miles Irving

Miles has an encyclopedic knowledge of the edible plants and trees that most us walk past without a second glance. His foraging walks turn the landscape into a feast and help participants to understand the rich diversity of plant foods and medicines that we could easily reintroduce into our cooking. Once you start you won’t be able to stop. – Rowan Philimore of the Gaia Foundation

Miles Irving is an internationally renowned wild foods expert, author and public speaker.

He has worked with some of the world’s best chefs and has been a pioneer in Europe’s Wild Food Renaissance.

In 2003, he founded Forager Ltd. Based in Kent, UK, he now acts as its CEO. The widely-respected enterprise has become the country’s best known wild food purveyor holding fast to its founding values of harvesting the highest quality wild produce always sustainably harvested with deep environmental consciousness.

He has since worked with many of the world’s top chefs such as Rene Redzepi, Alex Atala, Heston Blumenthal and Magnus Nilsson in what the industry calls the Wild Food Renaissance.

Through reconnecting to the land by gathering, preparing and cooking with wild food we can once again feel at home in our landscapes, communities and our own bodies.

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