Somerset Foraging Courses & Walks

On this 4-hour foraging course with professional forager Robin Harford, you will be taken on an amazing journey through the secret foraging haunts of Somerset.

He’ll show you how to identify wild edible plants using his unique sensory method of plant identification.

You’ll learn how to cook, prepare and preserve the plants you find, as well as be immersed in their mystery, history and folklore. Sustainable foraging, safety guidelines, and the law are also covered.

“Robin’s course was amazing! I urge anyone interested in foraging to do one before he stops. With so many edible plants to choose from his ‘sensory method’ is a flash of brilliance.” – Antony Christie BA (Hons), MSc

Robin sees foraging as an art, an ancient way to feed and sustain ourselves in a slow, graceful way.

The very act of foraging is deeply healing and transformative, and goes beyond simply putting food on the table. It opens you up to the mystery and wonderment of Life.

There is nothing more fulfilling than wandering around picking a bit here, a bit there, crushing, smelling, nibbling, only to return to your kitchen to prepare scrumptious food for loved ones.

During your time together, Robin will take you on a plant journey like no other you will have come across.

He won’t be regurgitating facts and figures he’s simply read in books, he lives and breathes wild plants, and will teach you what the books simply cannot.

Plants are his life, and he knows that once you have been touched by them, your life will be forever changed, and you’ll realise (even more than you do now) just what a wonderful gift you have been given.

Welcome to the wild world of foraging and the ancient art of the forager.

“I truly was blown away – I absolutely loved the course – it was inspiring, totally and utterly captivating – I can’t remember the last time someone held my attention for so long – Robin is a brilliant teacher.” – Janet Allan

Foraged Finger Food Taster Session

The last hour of this event will be a foraged finger food tasting session. Our world-class chefs will prepare a variety of outstanding wild culinary delights.

All dishes will be made from foraged wild plant ingredients as well as local organic vegetables, hand-made ingredients and ferments.

Our chefs are committed to creating food that is colourful, flavourful, healthy and satisfying.

Nourishment of both body and soul are integral to the food we craft. As such, know that the food you eat will be prepared with love, imagination, care and attention.

When & Where Are The Somerset Foraging Courses

  • Saturday, 5th May 2018 
  • Time: 11am-3.00pm
  • Location: 42 Acres, Frome, Somerset (exact location revealed after booking)
  • Price: £80
  • FULLY BOOKED (click here to be put on the Somerset waiting list)

About Your Somerset Foraging Courses Guide

Somerset Foraging Courses with Robin Harford

Robin Harford is a plant-based forager, ethnobotanical researcher, and wild food educator.

He is the creator of, and has been teaching people about their local edible landscape throughout the UK since 2008.

His foraging courses were recently voted #1 in the country by BBC Countryfile.

He is a co-director of Plants & Healers International, a non-profit that connects people, plants and healers around the world.

Robin travels extensively documenting and recording the traditional and local uses of wild food plants in indigenous cultures, and more recently his work has taken him to Africa, India, SE Asia and Europe.

Here’s What People Have Said About Robin’s Previous Foraging Courses

“We absolutely loved the course: fascinating and deeply therapeutic. Robin is a brilliant communicator and his courses are excellent value for money too.” – Naomi Cleaver – Channel 4 & Sky TV Presenter
“I went into the day knowing very little about edible plants, but your sheer enthusiasm and boundless knowledge quickly had me hooked! I felt that I learned so much from you. Not only about what you can and can’t do with the plants that are on our doorsteps, but also about getting back to trusting my instincts and listening to myself more. Thanks so much for a fantastic day and really helping to open my eyes to trusting my instincts again. It’s a real shame that you are slowing down on the teaching. So many people could learn so much from you.” – Lyndsey Mizen
“I got an enthusiasm, accessibility and connection with the plant kingdom I’ve never had before, even having spent decades of my life in green Sussex. I loved all the stories, the attitude and your humanity too.” – Clive Ardagh
“I think that the links you drew between the smells and tastes of the plants was fascinating. But the key feature of the experience was your insight and knowledge, put across to us in a very engaging and humorous way.” – Paul Rispolo