Foraging Retreats

Mindfulness and Foraging Retreats

Why not escape for the weekend to a magical place in the countryside. Somewhere you can completely relax and experience a foraging adventure with a difference.

Foraging for wild edible plants can be a deep journey into Soul and a gentle way to ‘get out of our heads and come to our senses’.

A way to experience the world and the plant kingdom through ‘new eyes’. A wondrous journey into wildness that comes from walking the Green Path.

During this retreat I will share my wealth of knowledge about the wild edibles around us, respectful gathering protocols, my experiences of meeting remarkable indigenous plantwalkers, as well as the importance that contemplative plant focused practices have on ‘re-membering’ ourselves and reconnecting back to Gaia; the living earth.

As we explore Land, we’ll gather as we go and return to feast on an abundance of wild edible plants.

Wild food is the ultimate in ‘local’ and ‘seasonal’ produce, and historically has always been a source of food for country people.

Foraging re-awakens your senses so you reconnect to and gain a greater appreciation of Nature, and your place in the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

Welcome to the wonderful world of plants, imagination and mystery

During our time together, you’ll be taught simple sensory-based contemplative practices that help to deepen your connection to Plants and Land, quiet your monkey-mind, and let you experience the Heart of Nature.

When you leave the retreat, you will know these plants at a very intimate level… beyond simple book learning, or botany!

Foraging is a Living Art and one that is best learned with others. By slowing down you will step into Wild Time, and slip back in to a way of being that was common place to our ancient foraging ancestors.

I have witnessed many times that once people are shown how to ‘pay attention’, to become ‘present in the moment’, that their relationship with Nature and the rest of Creation deepens, often in extraordinarily profound ways.

Plants are a gateway to experiencing the world “with new eyes”.

As we sink deeper into our bodies and Land, I will introduce you to the plethora of wild edible plants that will make up our meals. What exactly we end up eating will be the result of what plants we’ll find. But you can rest assured of many wild ingredients to choose from.

I will not only show you how to identify wild edible plants, but you will also discover the different plant stories, their nutritional values, their folklore, their mystery and history.


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