Introduction to Self Care with Food & Herbs

Unlock the Healing Power of
Your Kitchen and Garden

Discover how to safely use food and herbs to boost your health and treat everyday ailments for yourself and your family.

Home remedies are a pleasure to make and use - knowing how is the key!

The herbs and spices in your kitchen and growing in your garden are a fantastic natural pharmacy. Yet few realise the powerhouse of wellbeing in their cupboards or quietly sitting in their garden.

This wonderful award winning workshop will help you understand the healing properties of plants and food.

What You Will Discover on the Introduction to Self Care with Food & Herbs Workshop

This is the first of 5 sessions in Living Medicine's Self Care with Food & Herbs course which teaches kitchen pharmacy for digestive problems, sleep, anxiety, fatigue, skin and first aid, coughs, colds and allergies.

Living Medicine Self Care With Herbs
  • During this 3-hour workshop, you'll learn simple, effective ways to treat every day ailments with common garden plants and kitchen ingredients.
  • You'll assess your own health and diet so you can begin to to make small simple changes in your lifestyle, that could dramatically improve your wellbeing
  • You'll learn how to tweak your diet to help balance your sugar levels so you maintain consistent energy throughout the day, instead of the highs and lows so many experience as part of daily life.
  • You'll learn how to identify herbs and useful plants in your garden
  • You'll leave the workshop with a clear understanding of how plants work to support the body and mind to maintain health and wellbeing of your family and friends
  • You'll receive a comprehensive handout of the principles and therapeutics of food and plants as medicine, tea-making and breakfast remedies

Here's What People From Previous Courses Had To Say

"The workshop was so good I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Alex is such a good teacher. And the whole group had a great time."

"Very relevant and totally inspired."

"Great course and totally relevant as a parent!"

"I loved the people, the laughter, as well as being able to contribute. The technical knowledge and medicine making was good."

"Making hands-on concoctions, information learnt, atmosphere, meeting new people, as well as tasting and testing everything was great."

When, Where & How Much?

Please only choose either the morning or evening session...

Wednesday, 24th May 2017

  • Time: 10am to 1pm
  • Location: Hurlingham Road, Fulham, London
  • Availability: 12 3 places left
  • Cost: £50
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Wednesday, 24th May 2017

  • Time: 6.30m to 9.30pm
  • Location: Hurlingham Road, Fulham, London
  • Availability: 12 places
  • Cost: £50
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About Your Course Tutor

Alex Laird of Living MedicineAlex Laird has been a consulting medical herbalist since 1999. She has run the herbal clinic in dermatology at Whipps Cross University Hospital for the past 17 years, where she is tutor-practitioner to BSc herbal students. She also practises at The Haven, the breast cancer support centre in London, and has a private clinic in Fulham.

Alex is a visiting lecturer at several universities for herbal and medical students and sits on the Council of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP).

She was a TV producer for 12 years, then trained as a medical herbalist while running aromatherapy clinics at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and at centres for drug users and those with HIV.

She co-founded Living Medicine to reskill people in how to use food and plants for their everyday healthcare, exchange knowledge between cultures and train peer-to-peer self care mentors in local communities.

Living Medicine’s long term vision is to create with the public a national World Medicinal Garden centre of excellence linking medicinal gardens worldwide to update our self care knowledge as part of mainstream healthcare.