Seaweed, Seashore and Salt Marsh Foraging on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

After meeting near Chesil Beach we will head off to explore a couple of fascinating coastal environments.

The event begins with some estuary and seaside foraging, picking samphire, wild spinach and numerous other delicious edible plants that grow on or around the salt marshes.

Then at our second location identifying and gathering seaweeds at low tide as well as learning to identify various other coastal growing edible and not so edible plant species as we go along.

This course finishes at approximately 4pm but I can not be specific and we often run over time. The event will be hosted and run by an experienced teacher and foraging author John Rensten, founder of Forage London and now resident in Dorset.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met someone more happy at work than you! Thank you so much for a really great day of seashore foraging last Sunday. We learned so much in such a pleasurable way”. – Sarah Newman

“Thank you for such an interesting morning’s venture. I can honestly say my horizons have been expanded.” – Robin Rubenstein

Important Things to Consider Before Booking

We will be covering various different types of terrain, some quite rocky so if you are at all unsure about this, or have any mobility issues, then please email me before booking.

The beach location we are headed for is about 20 minutes drive from Weymouth station (which is about 3hrs direct from Waterloo). If coming by train, then please expect to get a taxi from outside the station which will cost an additional £15 each way.

We are governed by the low tide so if your train is delayed, you will possibly miss part of the day.  Obviously, this is beyond my control so please book the earliest train possible.

When & Where Are The Dorset Coastal & Seaweed Courses?

  • Wednesday, 21st August 2019
  • Time: 11.45 am to 4 pm
  • Location: Chesil and Portland, Dorset (location revealed after the booking)
  • Cost: £60
  • Click here to book.

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About Your Dorset Coastal & Seaweed Courses Guide

Dorset Coastal Seaweed Foraging Courses

John lived, worked and foraged in London for 20 years before finally escaping to Dorset in 2016 to concentrate on his mushroom hunting, coastal foraging and raising a family.

Around the same time, John published his bestselling book The Edible City: a year of wild food, a guide to urban foraging and cooking. Despite now living in a more rural part of the county, he still runs and organises numerous urban foraging events in the capital but concentrates his own efforts on hosting New Forest mushroom forays and seashore foraging outings in Dorset.

In 2004, John opened a successful central London gastropub, The Green, and soon found that he could combine his love of foraging wild food with his enthusiasm for running a busy eatery. Actually, it was the perfect excuse to get him away from the more hectic side of the business and get some peaceful time in the woods, foraging for wild mushrooms or by the coast collecting seaweeds and wild plants.

The pub started to add various foraged foods to the menu. Initially lots of delicious wild edible mushrooms, also plants like wild garlic and sorrel that he collected each Easter and the chefs used to make wild garlic mash or garlic and sorrel soup. Sea-beet from Dorset was always popular too and soon the menu was dotted with wild foraged treats, wild fennel, rose hips, elderberries, samphire, borage, mallow and various seaweeds.

John doesn’t have the pub anymore and has been teaching foraging for the last decade. On a daily basis, he studies wild food, picks wild food, obsesses about wild food and loves sharing what he has learnt, running city foraging walks and taking groups mushroom hunting or combing the seashore.

Here’s What People Have Said About John’s Previous Foraging Courses

“Thank you, John, it was a wonderful morning. I can’t remember when I have been exposed to so much knowledge worn so lightly.” – Brendan Fitzgerald Martin

“I’ve been coming here for 25 years and after this morning I will never look at this place in the same way again” – Simon Welsh

“John, A massive thank you! An excellent lead course, thanks to your hard work, research and your personal touch. I learnt loads and found your teaching skills exceeded my expectation, on every level. Your understanding of the subject of foraging is exceptional, and obviously founded in both an academic and lustful practical relationship for the subject, such skills only achieved from dedication, practical hard work, and getting your hands dirty!” – Fraser Christian