Get In Touch

Hi there – Thanks for stopping by…

I answer emails once a day, which is why I love the telling-bone (Catweazel speak for the telephone).

You can reach me on:

I don’t have a land-line. Who does?!

If you have a question, concern or suggestion I’d love to hear from you.

Please bear in mind that I am a one-man operation, and don’t have the resources for a customer service team, PA or other corporate shenanigans.

So please be patient while I work through the list of previous emails. I will get to yours, just not as fast as a million-pound corporation might.

I’m also often on the road without internet access, which is why if your message is urgent it might be best to call me on:

I don’t bite. I might be a bit gruff when first answering the call, but that’s because I get a lot of cold-callers trying to sell me rubbish I don’t need.

So forgive me if you initially get the equivalent of a grumpy, growly Pooh bear. I do soften up as soon as I realise there’s a lovely plant-interested human at the end of the line. No really, I do.

So that all being said and done, and if you’re quaking in your shoes about calling me, feel free to drop me an email here:

I look forward to hearing from you.