Robin Harford runs wild food foraging walks around Britain. In areas such as Devon (Otterton & Exeter), Isle of Wight, York, Edinburgh, South Downs, West Sussex etc.

Come on a relaxing wild edible plant walk, and discover Nature’s hidden larder in the hedgerow, along riverbanks, on the coast etc.

Wild food is the ultimate in ‘local’ and ‘seasonal’ produce, and historically has always been a source of food for country people. Foraging re-awakens your senses so you gain a greater appreciation of Land, and your place in the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

What You Can Expect On The Walk

On the wild food walks you will be shown how to identify wild edible plants, as well as learning the different plant stories, their nutritional values, their folklore, mystery and history. A minimum of 20 edible wild plants are usually covered.

About Robin Harford

Walks are led by professional forager Robin Harford. Robin harvests wild edible plants on a daily basis, and is creator of the UK’s leading wild food site His wild food foraging  courses have been recommended in the BBC Good Food Magazine, Guardian, Green Parent, Ecologist, GQ etc. He has taught at Eden Project, been featured on BBC2 Edwardian Farm and consults with TV companies and celebrity chefs.

What Others Said Last Time…

“The wild food walk took us no more than a mile. In that time we were introduced to over 25 plants that up until now have simply been wandered past or ignored as weeds. Their uses, taste and method of preparation were all covered, giving us a brand new larder to choose from – all free too! I would personally like to thank Robin. His knowledge and appreciation for the natural world is quite clearly without compare and it was our privilege to have entered his world, if only for a brief time”. – John Hayward

“Really enjoyed the morning, it was very informative and intensive. We covered over 30 plants which was plenty for me. You have great depth of knowledge which was put across very clearly. – Steve Capewell

“As a herbalist I really enjoyed my foraging with Robin. The group was really friendly with a good mix of experience. I really loved his introduction that we would go and greet the plants in their own habitat and that we all got to pick and experience the plants ourselves. What makes his course so good is that he talks from personal experience of not just identifying the plants but of using them himself at home. If you get the chance to go, don’t hesitate it’s really special”. – Jo Oliver

“You have so much information to share on wild plants, which I found fascinating.  I am really a beginner in the world of foraging, but it has given me much more confidence in identifying plants which are good to eat, and has broadened my selection of wild salad which was previously restricted to nettles and dandelions! I would definitely like to join you again for another of your foraging courses!” – Pauline McCrann

“From start to finish the day was fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn from someone who has the warm energy Robin delivers.” – Neeta Patel

“We both enjoyed your foraging walk finding it informative and interesting. It is a subject that we are both keen on exploring further and found that walking with you was akin to an interactive encyclopedia full of fascinating facts on a subject that you are clearly passionate about. We are currently following your advice and trying out different species each week.” – Nikki Booth

“Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the wild food foraging walk. You have inspired me to go out and fetch something for supper every day. I shall definitely spread the good news. It was fun and above all so very informative. I knew absolutely nothing about edible wild food – ‘weeds’. Now I look at everything in the garden with great respect. You have a wonderful way with plants and your sense of humour is second to none.” – Pam Gonzalez

“Firstly a huge thank you for a brilliant foraging walk. We both really loved it. We were both a bit worried that you’d open our eyes up to all kinds of wild foods that we wouldn’t be able to recognise again and that we’d end up too uncertain to do any foraging for ourselves but you have a talent for breaking it down into simple “bitesize” chunks (excuse the pun!) and we are confident we can do some simple foraging without poisoning ourselves. Really informative and inspiring! Thank you.” – Harriet Hancock

“I found it totally absorbing and very informative. I learnt a lot about edible plants, seeds etc. and also to have the confidence to experiment. It was definitely the best ‘course’ I’ve done in a long time.” – Alison Kerruish

“It was a very enjoyable few hours. I really liked the “gourmet forager” approach; lots of tasty items to add to the plate, some of them very different and unusual, others similar or reminiscent of more familiar foods. After this morning, I’m now confident of several plants, and hope to start from there and build up little-by-little. I’m definitely a fan now of nettles, and will be gathering and using plenty in the coming months, can tell my wild garlic from my three-cornered leek, and will be chomping my way through a few Monterey Pines (and various pine nuts) and Pennyworts.” – Brent Nelson

“I thought today was just brilliant. Since childhood I’ve had a deep, private, personal awareness of wild plants. Out of doors, I’ve always nibbled garlic mustard and alexanders, salad burnet and wood sorrel, and harvested samphire and ramsons to cook, but this was a revelation. Never thought of eating ivy-leaved toadflax or stitchwort. And we touched on interesting environmental, philosophical and spiritual issues.” – Frances Brown

“I was amazed at how much could be foraged in such a short length of lane. The other thing that surprised me was that I had pre-judged most small plants to taste ‘grassy – no flavour’ and this was definitely not the case. Your information of how to prepare/use/cook plants was really helpful. All in all an inspiring few hours.” – Nicki Woodgate