London Foraging Courses

Come on one of Robin Harford’s hugely popular Edible London foraging courses. Robin is creator of the UK’s premier wild food site, and his wild food walks and foraging courses are considered truly inspiring.

Having foraged daily for his supper for over 10 years, his knowledge of the edible larder comes from a deep, intimate connection with plants and landscape.

He has taught at Eden Project, been featured on radio and TV, in the BBC Good Food magazine, Guardian, GQ, Green Parent, Ecologist etc.

On this London foraging course you’ll uncover a secret world of unique edible possibilities, and discover…

  • How to identify wild edible plants
  • Learn to cook, prepare and preserve these plants
  • Be immersed in their mystery, history and folklore
  • As well as how to forage sustainably, safety guidelines, and the law

When & Where Are The London Foraging Courses

Saturday, 25th April 2015

Saturday, 25th April 2015

During the course Robin will reveal the plethora of gourmet wild edible plants right under your feet. He usually covers a minimum of 20 wild edibles, and sometimes up to 40 or 50 depending on the time of year.

When it comes to learning foraging you can be assured of being in safe hands. Robin is meticulous about safety as well as sustainability.

He sees foraging as an art, an ancient way to feed and sustain ourselves in a slow, graceful way.

The very act of foraging is deeply healing and transformative, and goes beyond simply putting food on the table. It opens you up to the mystery and wonderment of Life. There is nothing more fulfilling than wandering around picking a bit here, a bit there, crushing, smelling, nibbling, only to return to your kitchen to prepare scrumptious food for family and friends.

During your time together Robin will take you on a plant journey like no other you will have come across. He won’t be regurgitating facts and figures he’s simply read in books, he lives and breathes wild plants, and will teach you what the books simply cannot.

Plants are his life, and he knows that once you have been touched by them, your life will be forever changed, and you’ll realise (even more than you do now) just what a wonderful gift you have been given.

Welcome to the world of foraging and the ancient art of the forager.

Here’s What People From The Last London Foraging Course Had To Say

Robin’s wild edible plants course was amazing. I urge anyone interested in foraging to do one. With so many edible plants to choose from his ‘mindset’ approach is a flash of brilliance!!?!” – Antony Christie BA (Hons), MSc?

“I have been reading books on the subject for many years. But in a few hours you managed to show me what I couldn’t find in the books. For the first time I looked beyond the pictures and the identification markings, and listened to the ancient whisper.” – John Ptolomey

“Robin is not only knowledgeable, but his real passion for the foods we can harvest from wild nature just flood out again and again. I really loved his embodied approach and thoroughly recommend the course” – Scott Rennie

““We absolutely loved the course; fascinating and deeply therapeutic. Robin is a brilliant communicator and his course is excellent value for money.” – Naomi Cleaver (Channel 4 & Sky Presenter)

“Totally brilliant day. Really good fun, and lots of info to take away… I now feel confident to go out and forage! Thank you. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and come back again myself.” – Claire Plowright

“You have so much information to share on wild plants, which I found fascinating. I am really a beginner in the world of foraging, but it has given me much more confidence in identifying plants which are good to eat, and has broadened my selection of wild salad which was previously restricted to nettles and dandelions!” – Pauline McCrann

“Firstly a huge thank you for a brilliant foraging walk. We both really loved it. We were both a bit worried that you’d open our eyes up to all kinds of wild foods that we wouldn’t be able to recognise again and that we’d end up too uncertain to do any foraging for ourselves but you have a talent for breaking it down into simple “bitesize” chunks (excuse the pun!) and we are confident we can do some simple foraging without poisoning ourselves. Really informative and inspiring! Thank you.” – Harriet Hancock

What an absolutely fantastic day. Although it was only a few hours it instilled in me the respect of our wildlife and the abundance of natural food that has been neglected in our fast food commercialised world. Robin was entertaining and every minute was a pleasure to be in his company.” – David Nixon